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K-8 School

With our roots in traditional educational programs, Calibre Academy emphasizes academic achievement, personal responsibility, and efficient study habits for all learners. Through early and on-going assessment and evaluation, educational needs are identified and appropriate instructional placements are designed to meet learning styles and learning needs.

Calibre Academy is committed to our students, staff, teachers and the importance of the quality of our education. In accordance with A.R.S. §15-189.05, as added by Laws 2018, Ch. 285, §3, a school’s budget shall include the prominent display of the average salary of all teachers employed by the school for the budget and prior years, and the increase in the average salary of all teachers employed by the school for the budget year reported in dollars and percentage. Schools must also prominently post this information on their website home page separately from its budget.

Calibre Average Teacher Salary

Information is available to parents and guardians about the educational and teaching backgrounds in a particular academic content subject for all current employees upon request per ARS 15-183(F).

Calibre Academy K-8 School

An Individual Approach to Traditional Education

Are you looking for a K-8 charter school in Surprise? Calibre Academy is a vibrant tuition-free charter school that is designed to meet your child’s unique educational needs.

Calibre Academy has been an essential part of Surprise’s education community since 2002. As a public charter school, we offer options for parents and students:

New K-8 Remote Learning Program

As a public elementary school in Arizona, we are proud to announce our new, self-paced K-8 Remote Learning program, named Calibre Virtual Academy. This program takes place in a set school calendar that runs from August through May. The full-time curriculum meets or exceeds Arizona Department of Education standards, giving students a solid foundation for their education into high school and beyond. With exciting course options and extracurricular activities, students get the complete school experience from the comfort of their homes or in a remote learning setting. Students can work through the courses at their own pace, helping children and parents who have challenges with a more flexible schedule. The Calibre Academy addresses each student’s unique educational needs with courses in language arts, math, science, art, social studies, physical education, and more. Their trained teachers are available to help students struggling with particular subjects, setting every student up for success. With open enrollment, it’s easy for parents to choose the Calibre Academy Remote Learning K-8 program for their children!

Calibre Academy is offering online K-8 classes in Arizona.

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