Online Learning Programs For Fourth Graders in Arizona

The online learning programs for fourth graders at Calibre Academy dig deeper into the concepts that students have already learned while continuing to expand the scope of subjects and topics covered. Our main goal is to ensure that your child has a learning environment in Arizona that stimulates curiosity and excitement for learning, not just during their fourth grade virtual education but for many years to follow.

Offered Subjects

Our online classes for 4th graders center on the core subjects of mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts. We also encourage students to enroll in the additional courses that we offer with our online courses for 4th graders, such as art, computer science, physical education, and Spanish.

In the fourth grade, language arts focuses on how to proficiently and independently read a wide variety of grade-level appropriate informational texts. Students will continue to develop grammar and writing skills. Mathematics classes reiterate the concepts that the students learned in third grade and apply them to more complicated problems. For science, your child will learn about physical and earth science for a better understanding of the world around them. In Social studies, students explore the important people, places, and events that shaped the state in which they live.

We are proud to offer free online learning for 4th graders that includes course material that is both stimulating and appropriately challenging. We strive to provide a personal learning experience for every child that is enrolled at Calibre Academy. Our certified teachers in Arizona are on hand to provide support and instruction to ensure that your child continues to progress in the coursework with a firm understanding of the material.

If you are searching for fourth grade online schools, you will not be disappointed with Calibre Academy. A random search for “fourth grade schools near me” is not going to provide your child with the learning tools they need. Give us a call today at 602-761-0826 and ask about our online enrollment for 4th grade students.