Calibre Academy

Our Curriculum

Calibre Academy’s curriculum is aligned to the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. We are dedicated to preparing students for the 21st century, including preparing students to think critically and problem-solve using multiple strategies. These skills apply in all subject areas. Students are encouraged to work and think across curriculum boundaries, approaching real life information from new perspectives.

Calibre Academy encourages this learning using the highly acclaimed New York Language Arts and Mathematics materials known as Engage NY.

Engage NY was formulated to meet the high demand of the Common Core State Standards which have been adopted by 45 of the 50 states. The Engage NY materials align extremely well with the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards adopted by Arizona in 2010. Engage NY not only “covers” the standards but rigorously teaches and reviews the standards with the aim of student mastery.

Language Arts

Language Arts- Respected reading research strongly points to the need for a balanced literacy program containing five key components needed for effective reading instruction. Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary are vital skills which contribute to each student’s successful reading ability. The skills the students learn in Kindergarten set the foundation upon which all further reading will be built. Students progressively develop, build, and maintain reading skills while developing the habit of reading for enjoyment as well as to gain information. Understanding and using informational text is an extremely important skill. Starting in Kindergarten, students begin to read for understanding related to real world information as well as fictional literature. Students are expected to not only read but present information to the class. Speaking and Listening standards begin in Kindergarten. To complete the comprehensive program, students learn writing to communicate their thinking about a variety of subjects.


Mathematics- Students at all grade levels, kindergarten through eighth grade, are challenged to have an in-depth knowledge of numbers and how they relate to each other. Number sense and knowledge of place value are skills that students must carry with them into high school in order to succeed in high school level mathematics. Students are expected to be able to mentally manipulate numbers as well as verbally discuss their thinking. Students must thoroughly know facts while extending their understanding of how to break apart and reassemble numbers in multiple ways. Opportunities for problem-solving and higher levels of thinking are integrated into other curriculum areas. A combination of the basic math facts and real life problem solving provides students with a balanced mathematical foundation.

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