Full Day Kindergarten

Students must be 5 years old by September 1. We do not perform early testing for kindergarten. Enrollment priority consideration will be given to siblings and students who participate in our Pre-Kindergarten program. New students may be subject to kindergarten pre-screening interviews prior to application acceptance.

The Full-Day Kindergarten program at Calibre Academy offers a curriculum based focus on core language arts. It is a comprehensive reading and writing program known for its systematic instruction in phonological and phonemic awareness and phonics.

Our math program uses an active approach developed through hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations to actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are introduced, reviewed, and practiced over time, allowing students to move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract.

At Calibre, science and social studies are all about exploration. Students are exposed to hands-on activities, ranging from watching caterpillars form cocoons and morph into butterflies to visiting fire stations. Basic technology, art, music and physical education skills are taught in Kindergarten as well via our special areas classes.

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