Calibre Academy Independent Study Program

Calibre Academy Independent Study Program

Calibre Academy

Independent Study Program

At Calibre Academy, some families are looking for an alternative to a traditional education model for a variety of reasons. Independent study is an alternative to a classroom instruction and provides students and parents the tools and resources they need to be successful, while learning from home! Our tuition free program is designed to respond to the student’s specific educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities. Students benefit from a course of study that considers their strengths and needs, interests, and learning profiles within our traditional curriculum. As a result, many families have chosen our independent study to help their children reach their full potential.

Independent study programs at Calibre Academy follow our Arizona Department of Education approved standards and are available to students enrolling in kindergarten through middle school (6th – 8th Grade). Students are assessed for their potential for success, similar to the traditional education model and have frequent contact with certified teachers, although the format (e.g., online, in person, via phone) may vary. Our program provides parents access to high quality educational tools, resources, and material while providing flexibility for students to work at their own pace.

Our remote learning program is available free to students who live in the State of Arizona. We offer flexible and challenging curriculum for home-school students of all ages. We provide parents and students all of the tools and resources they need for success! Students in the Calibre Academy Independent Study Program have access to library, computers, math tutorials, field trips, and other special activities, just like traditional students! Students and parents meet regularly with a certified teacher to collaboratively plan lessons and activities that meet their students’ individual needs.

Calibre Academy Independent Study Program

If you are interested in learning more, schedule some time to meet with one of our experienced and caring teachers. With special attention and support for struggling learners, as well as opportunities for acceleration and extension for students who need additional challenge, Calibre Academy is here to help students prepare for their future!

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Disclosure: Calibre Academy is a non-sectarian, publicly-funded group of charter schools and does not discriminate in its enrollment or hiring practices on the basis of gender, race, religion, or ethnic origin, color or disability.

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