Grading System



Calibre Academy has implemented a unique way for parents to check on important data, such as your child’s attendance and academic progress (e.g., teacher’s gradebook data). This access is provided via a real-time Web-portal called FamilyLink that is dynamically linked to the school’s Student Information System.

Calibre Academy operates on a four (4) nine-week grading system. Students grades are viewable through our grading program.

Don’t wait for grade reports or report cards to discuss a student’s progress. Grade books are updated on a regular basis and parents can access their student’s grades online at:

FamilyLink Portal

If you need your student’s login information, please contact Kristina Brilhante at



Certain assignments count more towards a student’s grade, and are thus “weighted.” A student is more able to demonstrate mastery towards a skill in a unit assessment than they are in an exit ticket. The following weights are applied to student work:

Classwork & Exit Tickets 20%

Quizzes 30%

Assessments/Projects 50%



PL4 EXCELLENT – Student applies the concepts/skills consistently (90-100%)

PL3 ABOVE AVERAGE – Student applies the concepts/skills most of the time (80-89%)

PL2 AVERAGE – Student applies the concepts/skills with support (70-79%)

PL1 BELOW AVERAGE – Student requires considerable support to apply the concepts/skills (50-69%)

PL0 FAILURE – Student fails to apply the concepts/skills (0-49%)

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