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Calibre Virtual

Online Elementary School Arizona:

With the way the world is changing, meeting the needs of our students is our highest priority – which is why Calibre Academy is now offering Remote Online courses for online Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, & 5th grade students. These courses are best suited for students across Surprise, Waddell, Wittman, El Mirage, and Sun City, AZ.

How it Works

What Calibre Offers as a

Virtual Public Elementary School:

  • 100% tuition free
  • A fixed school year schedule from August to May
  • Self-paced curriculum to provide students with the flexibility they need

  • Spring and Fall enrollment periods
  • Open enrollment periods
  • Support from certified teachers

  • Full-time programs for K-8 that meet and exceed Arizona academic standards

  • Official report cards for student records
  • Exciting courses and extracurricular activities
  • Scheduled virtual or on-campus assistance

A Quality Education You Can Trust.

Our online courses for elementary & middle school students meet all Arizona Department of Education requirements for education and advancement. We have certified teachers and staff who truly care about the well-being of students and their educational experience.

Set Your Student up for Success

During our virtual online course lessons, our certified teachers ensure each student, whether in elementary school or middle school, gets the direction and help they need – giving your child a richer understanding of the courses, engaging them in interactive activities, and still learning along with their peers.

Courses We Offer for

Virtual Elementary School

Language Arts

Our program focuses on basic introductory skills along with comprehension. Students will read various texts from informative, to literary. They will practice enhancing their writing skills, grammar, and speaking/listening skills. Each grade level experiences different depth and will continuously refine their writing and reading skills from kindergarten to 8th grade.


Mathematics focuses on developing critical thinking skills as well as problem solving. Kindergarten – 2nd grade will focus on developing a strong sense of numbers such as, addition, subtracting within 20, place value, measurement and shapes! Our 3rd through 5th graders will be introduced to multiplication and division within 100, decimals, fractions, shapes, area, and volume. Higher grade levels will begin to learn how to manipulate numbers and continue to develop a more in-depth understanding of mathematics.


Our students will explore Earth, Life, and Physical Science through experimenting, creating 3D models, problem solving, analyzing as well as interpreting data, engineering and many more skills. Students will engage in hands-on activities as well as engaging with their peers and evaluating. We will engage them and keep them curious about our world and the science all around them!

Social Studies

Social Studies takes a dive into introducing concepts related to history, geography, and economics including the importance of citizenship in society and at home. Students will learn the foundations of America, journey to various regions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean Islands and their history as well.

Courses We Offer for

Additional Courses We Offer for Our Virtual Elementary School.

Elementary Art program


Our Elementary Art program encourages every student’s creativity and expression in their own unique way. Students will learn real art techniques through modeling examples, as well as critiquing art.

Computer Science

Students that take Computer Science will develop basic computer skills and techniques such as keyboarding, programming, and coding. Each skill is taught through other technology topics like tech safety, cyber bullying, social media, robotics, and more!


Elementary Spanish introduces the students to the Spanish language as well as their culture and way of life. Each lesson lets students be able to hear and see Spanish speaking to understand and mimic the correct techniques. Some activities include hearing, speaking, reading, writing, and recordings to reinforce the Spanish language.

Physical Education

Our PE program strives for getting kids out of the “classroom” for 60 minutes everyday for physical activities. Students will also learn the importance and how to have healthy lifestyle habits, teamwork, sportsmanship, and goals, all while being hands-on with sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

The virtual school is a self-paced program that allows the students to take as many hours as they need to complete work.

Calibre Academy provides official report cards for student records so that the parents can easily track their child’s progress.

Yes. The students enrolled in the virtual learning program will follow the same calendar as the traditional educational programs.

Absolutely. The certified teachers at Calibre Academy ensure that each student gets the direction and help they need during the virtual online course lessons.

Yes. The curriculum followed during our virtual online courses meets and exceeds all Arizona Department of Education requirements for education and advancement.

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Disclosure: Calibre Academy is a non-sectarian, publicly-funded group of charter schools and does not discriminate in its enrollment or hiring practices on the basis of gender, race, religion, or ethnic origin, color or disability.