Online Learning Programs For 5th Graders in Arizona

At Calibre Academy, we recognize that the fifth grade is a year of transitioning for many children. For this reason, we provide online learning programs for fifth graders that fosters innate curiosity and challenges students to discover new areas of interest.

A Place to Learn and Grow

Our certified teachers in Arizona present online courses for 5th graders that creates an exciting environment for learning that focuses on helping students maintain the curiosity of elementary school and bring it with them into middle school.

Our free online learning for 5th graders includes core subjects of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. The fifth grade virtual education provided by Calibre Academy also includes additional courses in art, computer science, Spanish, and physical education. Our hope is that through fifth grade online schools like Calibre Academy students take the opportunity to begin exploring potential areas of interest that can lead to extracurricular, hobbies, and high school courses.

If you are looking for the best fifth grade schools near me you have come to the right place. At Calibre Academy, we make meeting the needs of every student a top priority. We do this by offering remote online courses that are best suited for students across Sun City, Wittman, Surprise, Waddell, and El Mirage AZ.

As an online public school, we are able to offer our course 100% tuition free. In addition, with our fixed school year schedule, students get the same structure that you would expect from a traditional school. To learn more about online enrollment for 5th grade students, give us a call at Calibre Academy 602-761-0826.