School Handbook

School Handbook

Calibre Surprise Handbook 2023-24

In this handbook, you can find information that promotes a safe environment that supports you and your child, and that clearly communicates school routines and policies. It also provides guidance on ways to visit the school; methods to contact school personnel using e-mail, phone, and notes; how to schedule conferences and make the most of them; and where and how to get help when you need it. We suggest you read it carefully.

At Calibre, we strive to make parents feel comfortable in making inquiries and will do our best to be responsive to your concerns. Regular contact between parents and school personnel, effective communication, and teamwork are essential components of student success.

Please use this handbook as a guide. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact school staff members as indicated in the following pages. We look forward to joining you in working toward the optimal achievement of all students.

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