Good Morning Calibre Families,

I received notification from our caterer, Nutrition One yesterday on two changes that are being made to November’s Lunch Menu.  If you ordered the days listed below and your child does not want the new HOT option please contact me.  If I do not hear from you this will be ordered in place of the previous hot lunch option.  Please see below.

Please take note of the changes to the November 2016 Lunch menu and adjust orders accordingly:

November 10th – the hot entrée has been changed to Hamburger, from Spaghetti & Meatballs.

November 15th – the hot entrée has been changed to Cheeseburger, from Cheeseburger Mac.

We are receiving a shipment of US Commodities that includes ~17,500 beef patties. Due to freezer storage limitations, we must utilize this product as soon as possible.

We apologize if these changes have inconvenienced you.

Thank You,

Sarah Williams

Calibre Academy

National School Lunch Program Coordinator

15688 W Acoma Rd

Surprise, AZ 85379