School Uniforms


Uniform Guidelines

Our uniform provider is Touchdown Sportswear. Follow the link or call (623) 773-1852 to place your uniform order.


(We have not authorized any other retailer or private party to utilize or reproduce our copywritten school logo so please order your uniforms solely through Touchdown Sportswear.) Polos are $9 for youth sizes and $10 for adult sizes. Long sleeve, sweatshirts, and hoodies are also available for an additional charge. We STRONGLY urge you to PREORDER uniforms BEFORE Back to School Night to ensure your student has their uniform in time for the first day of school.

Uniform Guidelines

Calibre Academy is a uniform school. Alert to Parents- If your student is not in uniform, you will receive a phone call from the office. If it is not possible for you to bring appropriate clothing, your student will be required to wear an appropriate alternative shirt or slacks supplied by the school.

Please label all uniforms with a black permanent marker on the inside care labels with first and last name.

All Students

  1. The Calibre polo shirt color may only be light blue, red, or heather gray and must have the Calibre logo. If an undershirt is worn, it must be tucked in and not visible below the hem of the polo shirt. Spirit shirtsmay only be worn on Fridays and field trips.
  2. Shoes/Socks – Girls and Boys – Socks and shoes must be worn every day. Girls may wear tights or leggings under the jumpers, skirts, or skorts. Shoes styles are the choice of students, tie-up, flats, etc.; however, open toed shoes, flip flops, and slippers are not allowed due to safety concerns. Tennis shoes must be worn on PE days.
  3. Hairstyles – All students shall keep hair clean, well groomed, and conservative in style. If there are bangs, they must not hang below the eyebrows. Boy’s hair length should not be longer than their earlobes on the side or below the collar in the back. Boy’s hair may not be put up in any way or for any reason. No extreme styles or colors are allowed; this includes but is not limited to Mohawks, shaved hair designs, and other non-traditional hair styles. Hair must be a color that would naturally occur on an individual- there will be no severe or contrasting highlights of any kind (blue, red, green, pink, etc). Students may notwear hair color on Spirit Days. The administration reserves the right to decide what is acceptable and what is not.
  4. Tattoos, body piercing other than ear piercings (girls only), etc. are unacceptable. Temporary tattoos should not be visible.
  5. No Heely’s are permitted on campus.
  6. When there is a “jeans day” and “wear your own clothes day” (students may wear their own clothes on their birthdays) clothing must be neat, proper fitting, and school appropriate. No intentional or “stylish” tears or cuts should be found on pants or tops. If an undershirt is worn, it must be tucked in and not visible below the hem of the outer shirt. No short or skin-tight shorts or skirts may be worn. T-shirts must cover the entire upper half of the body; no tank tops. “Dress Down” still requires compliance to the dress code- shirts, pants/skirts/skorts/shorts, shoes, and socks.

Note: To attend class, all students must be in compliance with all parts of the student dress code. It is the responsibility of both parents and students to understand and agree to the Calibre dress code as part of the enrollment process.

Girls: Kindergarten through 8th grades

Girls kindergarten through 8th grade have the option to wear the following navy blue or khaki proper fitting uniform bottoms: pants, shorts, capris or skorts along with the Calibre logo short sleeve or long sleeve shirt. Girls can also wear navy blue or khaki jumpers with a white sleeved buttoned down shirt. Shorts must be worn under jumpers. All uniform bottoms must be no shorter than the end of the middle fingertips with the arm straight at the side. A schedule of the PE days will be sent home by the classroom teacher; tennis shoes must be worn on those days. Sweatpants, jeggings, or lycra (spandex) bottoms are all not allowed.

Boys: Kindergarten through 8th grades

Boys may choose to wear navy blue or khaki proper fitting uniform pants or shorts along with the Calibre logo short sleeve or long sleeve shirt. Pants must be worn at the waist. Tennis shoes must be worn on PE days.

Hats – Hats are not to be worn inside the classrooms, but are suggested when outside at PE or recess.

Ear piercing – boys may not wear pierced earrings.

Administration has the right to determine uniform or hair violations.