At Calibre Academy, we understand that it is normal to feel a little lost when getting ready for kindergarten. We are dedicated to ensuring that both you and your child are prepared.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

The most important thing you can do to get your child ready for kindergarten is to ensure they have the necessary foundational skills, such as basic math skills and phonemic awareness. It also includes language development and social-emotional development.

How To Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten?

Reading with your child regularly is one of the best ways to get them ready for school by building reading skills and developing a love of learning. Practice handwriting and counting. Introduce them to social concepts like taking turns and sharing, which are necessary for success in kindergarten.

Kindergarten: What to Expect?

At Calibre Academy, we recommend that parents familiarize themselves with kindergarten and what to expect throughout the year. In general, kindergartners will learn more complex language arts skills such as reading short words or sentences. They also work on mastering basic math facts such as adding single-digit numbers, learning science concepts, exploring social studies topics, and engaging in physical education activities.

What Does a Kindergartner Need for School?

So, what does a kindergarten need for school? A kindergartner needs several things for school, including a backpack, lunchbox, pencils, crayons/markers, glue sticks, scissors, and a ruler. It is also important to provide them with extra clothes in case they have an accident or spill their food. Other essential items include paper towels and face masks if necessary.

Things Kindergartners Should Know

By the end of kindergarten, there are certain things kindergartners should know including:

  • letter recognition
  • basic math
  • sentence writing
  • identifying 2-D shapes
  • understanding money
  • knowledge of basic safety and procedures
  • understanding of plant growth
  • completing daily tasks without assistance

At Calibre Academy, we believe a solid foundation going into school ensures confidence throughout their educational journey ahead. Contact us now to find out how to prepare a child for kindergarten.