Dear Calibre Families,

We are excited for the school year to begin on August 17th. Taking in consideration that the number of COVID cases are not going down the way we would like to see, the fact that we are not getting the benchmarks until August 7th, and the CDC guidelines, Calibre Academy’s Governing Board has decided it is in the best interest of our students, families, teachers, and staff to do online learning though the first quarter of the school year.

Our teachers have been training to prepare for online learning and will be using Google as our platform. Instruction will be a combination of recorded lessons and live interactions. Teachers will follow the same schedule every day. At the beginning of each day, teachers will meet with their class on Google Meets to go over the day’s schedule and assignments. Students will be expected to watch an instructional video posted in Google Classroom. Students will be assigned times to meet with their class/teacher through Google Meets to discuss the instructional video and to work on guided practice as a class. Students will then be assigned independent work. This will be the process for the core classes. The teachers will have set office hours for any student who has questions. Students will also attend their Specials class daily. This will also be a combination of videos and live interaction. Gifted students and students with an IEP will receive services during a scheduled time.

Our expectations for our online learning are as follows:

  • Students must log in every day at their assigned times. Attendance will be taken.
  • Have all supplies ready. Have your camera on & your mic muted until the teacher tells you otherwise.
  • Have a work area that is distraction free and well lit. Students should be sitting at a desk or table ready to work. Please do not allow the student to walk around the house, hold a pet up or eat. They will have plenty of time during breaks throughout the day for those activities.
  • Follow the “dress down” dress code – that means no pajamas and students must be in a shirt and bottoms (boxers are not considered bottoms. Please refer to our dress code policy.
  • Focus on the task at hand – avoid using a cellphone during instructional time and group work.
  • Students need to make sure they are asking questions especially when they do not understand. Set up an appointment with the teacher to get help.
  • Complete daily tasks as grades will be taken. We will be following the same grading system as we did when we were at school in person.

For all grades a computer, Chromebook or tablet can be used to access the material and complete the assignments. We will provide a Chromebook for anyone that needs one. However, at this time we have some on backorder. If you have access to a computer, Chromebook, or tablet please do not take a Chromebook at this point. When they come in we will let everyone know. Please call the office ASAP (by Friday, August 7th) if you need a Chromebook . We will also be sending home all curriculum materials such as workbooks, books, etc. We will have a schedule for pick up by the end of this week.

Calibre will be offering onsite support services for K-8th grade students. The onsite support services will be available during the school hours and will provide supervision to students while they participate in remote learning. There will be additional health and safety procedures including daily temperature checks and students and staff will be required to wear a mask. Please call the office by Friday, August 7th to register your student(s). Students that are onsite will be provided computers but will need to bring their own earphones. Students may bring their own lunch or preorder from the cafeteria. Uniforms must be worn on campus. At this time no transportation or before/aftercare will be provided. All drop off and pick up will be at the South back parking lot. No parents are allowed on the campus at this time. The gate will open at 7:45 AM and students will go directly to their assigned lab. Pickup will be at 3:00 PM for all students. A safety precaution we will be using is that siblings will be in the same lab room.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding during these unforeseen circumstances.

Calibre Administration