Calibre Academy is a K-8 school that believes in the future of its students. With a strong foundation in traditional educational programs, our academy emphasizes academic achievement, personal responsibility, and efficient study habits for all learners. Since 2002, Calibre Academy has been an integral part of the Surprise education community. Let’s explore why Calibre Academy stands out among the rest.

Individualized Learning and Comprehensive Programs:

At Calibre Academy, we understand that each student is unique with different educational needs and learning styles. That’s why we offer individualized learning opportunities to ensure every student receives the support they require. Our curriculum includes full-day kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, and K-8 programs, catering to a wide age range. Additionally, we provide exceptional student programs, and a full athletics program, allowing students to explore and excel in various areas of interest. We are also proud to offer a tuition-based pre-K program, providing early childhood education opportunities for our youngest learners.

Commitment to Character Development and a Safe Learning Environment:

Character development is a fundamental aspect of education at Calibre Academy. We integrate principles of character development with a challenging academic curriculum to instill values such as responsibility, respect, and integrity in our students. We emphasize personal responsibility and community engagement, teaching students to be accountable for themselves and their contributions to the school community. Our dedicated staff members serve as positive role models, creating a professional, warm, and invigorating environment where students can thrive.

Accountability and Quality Education:

As members of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, Calibre Academy undergoes annual evaluations for academic, fiscal, and operational compliance. We are committed to providing quality education to our students and adhering to state laws. Academic performance is a top priority, and we diligently manage public funding to ensure responsible use. In accordance with transparency requirements, we prominently display the average salaries of all our teachers, demonstrating our commitment to the quality of education provided at Calibre Academy.

Introducing Calibre Virtual Academy:

In response to the changing educational landscape, Calibre Academy now offers Calibre Virtual Academy, a self-paced K-8 Remote Learning program. This innovative program follows a set school calendar from August to May and meets or exceeds the Arizona Department of Education standards. Calibre Virtual Academy provides students with a flexible learning experience, allowing them to work through courses at their own pace. Trained teachers are available to offer personalized support, ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed.

West Valley’s Premier K-8 Charter School:

Calibre Academy takes pride in being the premier K-8 charter school in the West Valley. With a strong focus on critical thinking, embracing real-life challenges, and thinking outside the box, we prepare our students for success in the modern world. Our vision is to unlock the full potential of each student by creating intuitive, engaging, and effective learning experiences. For nearly two decades, we have been dedicated to serving families across the West Valley, providing a personalized educational experience that prepares students for high school and beyond.

Choosing Calibre Academy for Your Child:

At Calibre Academy, we understand the importance of creating an inclusive learning environment that values both academic achievement and personal development. We go beyond the traditional school setting to offer an alternative that truly meets the unique needs of every student. From the moment they join us, we foster a sense of patriotism and community through our morning pledge of allegiance, which holds great significance for many parents. Furthermore, our commitment to individualized learning is reinforced by our smaller class sizes, allowing us to provide the personalized attention and support that students require. Whether through our comprehensive programs, our individualized learning approach, or our newly introduced Calibre Virtual Academy, we prioritize the success and well-being of each student. If your child is struggling in their current educational environment, take the first step toward a transformative education by contacting Calibre Academy. Discover the difference we can make for your child and experience the positive impact of our approach.

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Calibre Academy stands out among the rest with its unwavering commitment to students’ futures. Through individualized learning, comprehensive programs, character development, and a safe learning environment, we foster an environment where every student can achieve their personal best. As a trusted educational institution in the West Valley, we continue to innovate with programs like Calibre Virtual Academy, providing flexible learning options for today’s students. Choose Calibre Academy and experience the difference of a quality education that prepares students to excel academically, embrace challenges, and become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.