When it comes to education, elementary school is an important milestone in a child’s life. It marks the transition from early childhood learning to more advanced studies and provides an important foundation for the rest of their educational journey. However, many parents are asking “what is elementary school?” and “why is elementary school important?”.

What Is Elementary School?

At Calibre Academy, our elementary school program covers students from kindergarten through fifth grade. At our Elementary School, we prioritize personalizing your child’s learning experience to ensure that they receive all of the necessary preparation for each grade level while still staying engaged in their natural educational process.

Why Is Elementary School Important?

The elementary school sets the foundation for later academic success by teaching children how to read, write and do basic math skills. These skills are essential for future education, from middle school through high school and college. Additionally, during this time children learn critical thinking skills that will help them develop into independent learners who can think for themselves and use their resources effectively.

Elementary School Curriculum and Programs

Our elementary school curriculum includes English and language arts, math, science, and social studies. Additional subjects include physical education, music, as well as gifted programs for elementary school.

Calibre Academy offers an individualized approach to learning with personalized attention in small class sizes led by highly qualified teachers who share a passion for teaching young minds. We provide hands-on experience with technology integrated into our core curriculum so that every student has access to the elementary school education that they need for success.