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Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

Students from kindergarten to eighth grade have unique learning styles and preferences. Children and parents in Union Hills, Glendale, AZ, can choose to attend traditional school if it is the best fit, or they can choose from the online school programs offered at Calibre Academy.
Our online school provides students with the ability to learn through an Arizona Department of Education-approved curriculum that is interesting, and engaging, and offers children the time and the flexibility to complete their academic studies at their own pace. This means children that benefit from more frequent breaks in the day or those who need more time to complete their work are completely at ease through working at home and through a flexible educational program.

Some families prefer online school courses for children who struggle in group settings, have special needs, or require additional help with mastering concepts. This can also be a very good option for children who are gifted or those who find a classroom setting distracting and overwhelming.

The online learning academy courses are planned, taught, and supported by certified teachers. Students and parents have access to teachers by phone, and online meetings or they can come to the campus for in-personal support and assistance. Students in and around Union Hills, Glendale, AZ, are always welcome and invited to attend our extracurricular activities and to spend time interacting with students.

A Tuition-Free Option

Calibre Academy online kindergarten, elementary, and middle school is always 100% tuition free. We offer open enrollment periods as well as spring and fall enrollment periods for our virtual elementary school and online middle school. Parents can contact our office to determine when enrollment is available for their child or children.

Online School Arizona

Students will complete the grade-appropriate core subjects just like their peers attending a traditional school in the area. Students complete math, language arts, science, and social studies courses, as well as additional course choices in Spanish language, arts, physical education, and computer technology.

Students in our online learning programs receive an official report card, which is the same as a report card issued by a traditional school. In addition, students successfully completing their grade level through our virtual academy are able to enter into a traditional school with the same academic knowledge and understanding as other students across the state.

Parent Support

As one of the leading online charter schools, Calibre Academy strives to assist parents in supporting their children through our online elementary school, middle school, and kindergarten programs. Our teachers work with parents to ensure your child gets the support and information they need to complete our online courses. We also offer interactive activities for our students, providing parents with the confidence that their child has an exceptional educational experience.

Contact us!

When you need more information about our online academy for children in kindergarten to eighth grade, talk to our enrollment specialists at Calibre Academy. Give us a call today at 623-556-2179 for answers to your questions about online learning opportunities for your children.

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