The Advantages To Students And Parents Choosing Our Virtual Academy in Kingman, AZ

Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

Education, like most areas of life, has been positively impacted by the use of technology. Calibre Academy has harnessed the power of technology to provide families of students from kindergarten through eighth grade with the option to attend our virtual academy. We provide an online kindergarten, elementary, and online middle school for students throughout Kingman, AZ, and across the state.

We offer a comprehensive online school that is fully approved to meet or exceed the standards developed by the Arizona Department of Education. Our tuition-free online academy offers students the ability to learn from home while also providing parents with the educational resources and tools needed to ensure their child or children have the same educational foundation as students attending any traditional classroom throughout the state of Arizona.

Flexibility and Options

Our online school programs provide the flexibility and options that meet the needs of our students and their families. Our free online school allows children and parents to design their own school day, which may include taking multiple breaks, working in the morning, or doing more academics in the afternoon. It is also an ideal option when the child may not be ready to attend school or when family issues make it difficult for the traditional education model to work.

In addition, the online elementary school and online middle school curriculum are always self-paced, so students never feel pressure to rush through challenging concepts. This is also ideal for concepts the child masters quickly, as the student can go on to the next concept without becoming bored with the material.

From our online kindergarten through to graduating from eighth grade, students are able to find their comfort level in completing the required material. Calibre Academy online learning academy follows the same calendar as traditional schools, ensuring your child has the breaks throughout the year to enjoy activities and spend time with peers. Students can also attend on-campus events and activities, which adds to their online school experience.

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Parent Support from Certified Teachers

As one of the top-rated online charter schools in the Kingman, AZ, area, Calibre Academy provides support for parents of our online students. This includes access to digital resources, lesson plans, activities, and the curriculum.

In addition, our certified teachers are here to provide support throughout the year. Regular meetings with our teachers ensure your child’s education meets the requirements of the Arizona Department of Education. It also provides timely support and assistance in helping children learn challenging concepts or managing the logistics of homeschooling.

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Our staff is also here to assist students. Depending on the specific issues, this support can be provided online, by phone, or by meeting with the teacher at our campus. Calibre Academy offers flexible options that work for students and parents while collaboratively working together for student success.

To find out more about our virtual elementary school, middle school, or online kindergarten courses, call the staff at Calibre Academy. We can also help with student enrollment in any of our virtual learning programs at 623-556-2179.

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