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Calibre Academy

Not all students and families in the Buckeye, AZ, area find that traditional schools are the best option. For many children from kindergarten to eighth grade, having the freedom and flexibility to pursue an online education offers the best possible learning experience and environment.

Calibre Academy provides a free online school for all students in the area from kindergarten to eighth grade. We are a leader in online charter schools in the area and have customized this learning experience to capture the attention and interest of our students while also providing a highly engaging and interactive virtual element school experience. Our courses are developed to meet or exceed the Arizona Department of Education requirements for the education and advancement of students.

Our Online Learning Programs

Our virtual academy for students in elementary and middle school, including our online kindergarten program, provides students with the same learning experiences as students attending our traditional school. We offer several core courses, including language arts, sciences, social studies, and mathematics. These courses, like our additional courses, are designed to be self-paced, giving children the time they need to master the essential concepts.

Additionally, students participate in online school programs in the arts, physical education, computer science, and elementary Spanish. These additional courses provide students at all grade levels with a full elementary education, allowing them to continue with virtual high school or complete their high school degree in any school in Buckeye, AZ, or across the state and country. Students receive report cards, and parents get feedback about their child’s progress as they move through the year and throughout the grades.

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The Basics of Online Elementary School

Calibre Academy online elementary and online middle school follow the same school calendar as traditional schools in the area. This makes it easy for families to coordinate holidays, travel, or special events and activities.

As our virtual academy offers self-paced learning, students can be flexible with when and how they choose to complete their work. Without the pressure of completing work at specific times and at a pace set by the teacher, students feel comfortable and less frustrated if they need more time to become comfortable with the concepts and lesson materials. At the same time, this can help parents to schedule their time to work with and support their child’s learning.

Students attending our online school programs work with our top teachers and staff. We meet the individual needs of the students with online course lessons, online one-on-one support, and the option for students to come to the campus for in-person support. This is extremely helpful for both students and parents, and our certified teachers are available to assist children with any challenges they experience as they work through the online learning academy courses.

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We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities that students attending the online learning academy are invited to attend. This is a great way to add socialization with peers into any K-8 online learning program.

For additional information about our online kindergarten or our online elementary or middle school programs, call us a Calibre Academy. We are easy to reach by phone at 623-556-2179 and can answer all your online education questions.

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