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Calibre Academy

Parents interested in providing an education for their children first must find the best independent schools in the Yuma, AZ, area. Calibre Academy is a leader in providing an online independent study program that is customized for each student from kindergarten through to eighth grade. We are committed to helping children and families to prepare for their future by developing a strong academic foundation based on their individual educational needs.

Independent learning allows the student and the family to have the flexibility they need to customize their child’s learning experience. For some families, this may include taking longer to cover some topics and concepts than others. With a self-paced curriculum, students are not pressured to keep up with peers, which helps kids to feel confident in their academics.

The Basics of Calibre Academy’s Independent Learning Academy

Our independent learning program offers open enrollment periods as well as spring and fall enrollment periods. Our staff is available to assist parents in the Yuma, AZ, area with any questions they may have about enrollment in our independent educational program.

Students and parents will enjoy the exciting courses and the opportunities to take advantage of extracurricular activities and interactions with teachers at Calibre Academy. Students have support as needed from our certified teachers, which can be done on-campus or through virtual calls.

Parents also have the benefit of support from our teachers and staff. We assist parents and students in achieving their full academic potential by providing structured and focused lessons in social studies, science, mathematics, and language arts as the core subjects, with additional courses in physical education, computer science, arts, and Spanish language.

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Our independent-study elementary school and our independent-study middle school offer options for students to progress at their own pace throughout the standard academic school year. Students also have the opportunity to pursue their own areas of curiosity and interest, which is an ideal way to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Students in independent kindergartens have the same advantage, with all course material and curriculum designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Some of our students attend their full elementary and middle school years in our virtual learning classes, while others complete independent study for a single year and return to the traditional classroom.

Parents around the state searching for independent charter schools near me should realize that Calibre Academy can provide tuition-free education for students across the state or Arizona. The model of independent study means students do not need to access the campus, which makes it possible for students outside of our geographic area to enroll in our programs.

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Making the decision to enroll in independent schools near me can be difficult for parents in Yuma, AZ. Our experienced and caring teaching staff is available to meet with parents, discuss the program, and explain how lesson plans, reporting, and the logistics of homeschooling will work for your child or children. To schedule a call with Calibre Academy, reach out to us at 623-556-2179.

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