Online Homeschool Classes For Elementary And Middle School Students in Yuma, AZ

Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

As adults, we have the ability to choose our careers, our learning opportunities, and even the way we access information. Today, children and parents in and around Yuma, AZ, also have these options when it comes to education.

Calibre Academy is a leading educational provider of online homeschool programs for students throughout the state. All our online, homeschool and independent study programs meet or exceed the Arizona Department of Education requirements and standards.

This allows students taking our online homeschool options to move from homeschooling to traditional schools or to choose to work from home from kindergarten until eighth grade with the support of the caring, compassionate team at Calibre Academy.

Online Homeschool Programs

Home school programs for elementary students, including our kindergarten students, are designed to provide children with the same educational experiences as students attending traditional classrooms.

Our online homeschool curriculum is carefully developed for remote learning, and students find online education exciting, engaging, and interesting. We offer a range of different tools for parents to use to help children learn and master concepts at their grade level. The homeschool programs for elementary students focus on foundational learning, ensuring our students have the building blocks they need for lifelong learning.

Calibre Academy teachers have created a number of different options for parents and students to use at all grade levels. This includes video-based lessons that are easy for the child or parent to review as necessary. As children move up through the grades, particularly in late elementary and homeschool programs for middle school, we offer interactive practice problems, specialized help videos that focus on challenging subjects and materials, and reviews and exams to ensure children are mastering the necessary concepts and material.

Online homeschool classes are designed to be flexible. Students and parents can set their daily learning schedule to suit their specific needs. This is ideal for students who need frequent breaks or kids that may benefit from spending more time on some subjects than others.

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Parent Support

Calibre Academy also recognizes the challenges for parents in homeschooling their children. We offer digital books, on-site lesson plans, and the tools and resources you need to assist your child to succeed.

Our certified teachers also meet with parents and students on a regular basis throughout the academic year. During these meetings, teachers provide support for parents, assist with developing lesson plans, and ensure all required elements are covered in your child’s homeschool education. We also assist parents in understanding how to monitor student progress and how to manage attendance to meet the state reporting requirements.

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For the middle school homeschool program, we also ensure your child is prepared to move into the high school program of their choice. Many of our students choose to attend a traditional high school and go on to college or other programs.

Our homeschool programs follow the same calendar as traditional schools in Yuma, AZ, making it easy for parents to plan holidays and structure their year. For more information on our online homeschool programs, call Calibre Academy today at 623-556-2179.

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