The Best Homeschool Programs For Elementary And Middle School in Union Hills, Glendale, AZ

Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

Learning from home is a flexible, personalized approach to education that is available to students from kindergarten through grade eight at Calibre Academy. Throughout the Union Hills, Glendale, AZ, area and across the state, students in these grades have access to quality online homeschool curriculum that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by the Arizona Department of Education.

Our homeschool programs for elementary students and middle school students offer the maximum amount of flexibility for daily study. Students and parents can determine how to approach the subject matter and complete lessons while also ensuring the students are gaining the same knowledge and understanding of core learning requirements as their peers attending traditional schools across the state.

Is Online Homeschooling Right for my Child?

Parents often wonder if home school programs for middle school or elementary students are the right option for their child. At Calibre Academy, we understand this is a very personal decision for families, and our team is here to help parents understand the features and options with online home study programs from kindergarten through to the end of middle school.

In some cases, families may have situations where travel or health issues make it difficult for the student to attend traditional classroom education. Other children may benefit from the home environment to learn where there are fewer distractions. In addition, other children may find that the flexible learning schedule, self-paced lessons, and the ability to take the time to master concepts offer a better fit than a traditional classroom setting.

Online homeschool options are also an opportunity for gifted students to complete the grade-appropriate curriculum while focusing on their areas of interest and curiosity. Parents, students, and teachers work collaboratively to develop a learning plan that is engaging and stimulating for the student, providing a level of challenge while also sparking their natural curiosity and interest in specific subject areas.

Even though your child may be attending our tuition-free online homeschool classes, he or she still receives support from our certified teachers. We provide video-based lessons, interactive online problems and practice opportunities, reviews, and exams, as well as digital books.

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Parent Support

Parents also have full support in assisting their children through our online homeschool programs. Parents have access to our collection of lesson plans, all of which are customized to meet the needs of their children.

You meet regularly with our certified teachers to create a comprehensive educational experience for your child. We assist parents in lesson planning to ensure all requirements of the Arizona Department of Education are met with the homeschool program, allowing the child to advance to the next grade level through homeschooling or returning to a traditional classroom.

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Our teachers are also here to talk to students and parents about challenges that may occur during the homeschooling program. This support is invaluable to our families throughout the Union Hill, Glendale, AZ, area and across the state.

For more details and information on our online homeschool options or to find out about enrollment, contact us at 623-556-2179.

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