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Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

Homeschool is an increasingly popular option for parents and students throughout Phoenix, AZ, and across the state. Calibre Academy provides online homeschool options for children from kindergarten to eighth grade, supporting children in learning in ways and environments that work best for their needs.

Our online homeschool programs provide flexibility for students and their families. Parents and children can determine when to study, including structuring their academic day to match their specific needs. Many of our students find that working for short periods of time with breaks in between is beneficial for learning, while others may find that a more traditional school day is the ideal solution. One of the many benefits of online homeschool classes is the ability to respond to the child and use a variety of school day arrangements to maximize learning and engagement.

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The online homeschool curriculum can be adjusted to the needs of each individual student. However, all our courses meet or exceed the Arizona Department of Education requirements, giving parents the peace of mind their child is receiving the required education for each grade level. Our online and homeschool programs are engaging and interactive, giving children different ways to explore learning and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to advance.

This is important, as parents and students may see a return to a traditional classroom throughout their elementary or middle school years. With our robust homeschool programs, students have the academic understanding to move from homeschooling or independent study into traditional classrooms at Calibre Academy or any other school throughout Phoenix, AZ, or across the state.

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Parents and students have access to video-based lessons developed by our certified teachers. We also provide practice problems and challenges for students to work to their full potential and master the concepts at each grade level.

Students will complete reviews and exams, ensuring they understand the key concepts for each subject area. Students will also have access to additional videos to help with areas of challenge or with difficult concepts. These courses are designed to be self-paced, so students and parents do not feel any pressure to rush through concepts. This allows kids and parents to spend more time on the more challenging aspects while moving more rapidly through concepts that are easy for the child to master.

Parents and students will meet with Calibre Academy-certified teachers on a regular basis throughout the school year. This ensures the child is completing all requirements under the Arizona Department of Education while also receiving feedback on assignments and academic progress.

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Parents receive support in accessing lesson plans and obtaining the resources and tools they need to help their children understand and engage in the course materials. Teachers also directly support students if there is a need for additional support in specific areas, or if parents or students have questions as they work through the online homeschool curriculum and lesson plans.

If you are interested in more information about homeschool programs for elementary students or homeschool programs for middle school, reach out to Calibre Academy at 623-556-2179.

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