Online Homeschool Options For Elementary And Middle School Students in Bullhead City, AZ

Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

Not all children learn effectively in a traditional classroom setting. Some children do best when they are in a quiet, comfortable setting with time to work through the material at a slower pace. Other children in and around Bullhead City, AZ, find that having the ability to work through the curriculum at their own place enhances learning and decreases the stress and frustration that can occur with the faster pace of a classroom teaching experience.

At Calibre Academy, we provide online homeschool programs for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our programs all meet and exceed the Arizona Department of Education requirements, ensuring that these children have the same educational foundation as kids attending a traditional classroom anywhere in the state. Unlike some programs, the homeschool curriculum is designed for online delivery, making it streamlined and easy for parents and children across the state.

The online homeschool curriculum is delivered to students in engaging and fun ways, including video lessons, interactions with our certified teachers, and the completion of exercises, activities, reviews, and exams. Students and parents are supported throughout our online homeschool classes, and our teachers and staff are here to answer questions and help with any challenges experienced during the coursework.

Homeschool Programs for Elementary Students and Middle School Students

The online homeschool program for elementary and middle school is designed to help children to learn and master the required concepts and content for each grade level and subject area. It provides basic to more advanced information, assisting children to tackle increasingly more challenging concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

The concepts are delivered in a variety of methods to keep students engaged at age-appropriate levels. Students will watch online videos that cover the lessons, then work on activities, projects, online worksheets, and interactive problems to practice the concept. We also have additional videos that are designed to provide additional education on challenging concepts and issues at each grade level.

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Teacher Interaction

Throughout the academic year, which is on the same calendar as the traditional schools in Arizona, students meet with their teacher via online meetings or other arranged methods for at least two hours a week. This provides teacher support for learning and an interactive opportunity for the child to ask questions and get feedback from the teacher.

Our teachers also work closely with parents, helping to create lesson plans and to ensure all Arizona Department of Education requirements are met for the academic year. Teachers also help parents with the necessary homeschool documentation, including reporting attendance and completing progress reports. This is also a great resource and time for parents and teachers to address any homeschooling challenges to help parents to feel supported throughout the process.

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Calibre Academy offers different homeschool options for parents and students in Bullhead City, AZ. We can also provide homeschooling for students and families outside of the city and across the state. To find out more about homeschooling your child or any of our online or virtual learning programs, call us today at 623-556-2179.

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