Free Online Home Schooling For Elementary And Middle School Students in Avondale AZ

Calibre Academy

Calibre Academy

As an innovative and leading virtual public elementary and middle school, Calibre Academy offers students from kindergarten through eighth-grade exceptional online homeschool programs taught by experienced, caring, and certified teachers. Our teachers are experts at interacting with children at kindergarten, elementary, and middle school levels to create online courses that are engaging, exciting, and make learning fun.

The online homeschool curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by the Arizona Department of Education. This means all students completing our homeschool programs for elementary students and middle school students use the same curriculum as those students attending traditional schools in the Avondale, AZ, area.

Students completing our online homeschool classes are prepared to continue advancing with virtual learning or to transition to traditional on-campus courses at Calibre Academy or any other school.

The Benefits of Homeschool

Not all children thrive in traditional educational settings. Some children may find a classroom overwhelming, or kids may have health issues or learning challenges that make classroom learning problematic. Our free online home-schooling programs are self-paced, allowing children to take the time they need to complete the course material. The online interaction with teachers and their peers keeps learning fun and engaging and allows all students to get the help and support they need to succeed.

Calibre Academy offers programs from kindergarten to grade 8 that are designed for online teaching and learning. Students complete projects and activities that are designed to highlight their knowledge of the subject. The online learning format offers interactive practice and immediate feedback combined with traditional exercises and activities.

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The Virtual Homeschool Option

Unlike basic homeschool learning programs, our tuition-free homeschool offers several advantages and benefits for both students and parents. Our programs include both online classes that provide interaction between the teacher and the students, as well as scheduled virtual support sessions between a student and a teacher.

Through the Calibre Academy online homeschool options, children have the option to meet face-to-face with our certified teachers on campus. This one-on-one in-person support helps students connect with the staff and get the compassionate, personalized support they need to learn and master the course content.

Courses and Activities

In addition, students from kindergarten to eighth grade in the Calibre Academy online homeschool academy are invited to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. This is a wonderful way to build in structured, educational socialization and learning activities for children of all ages attending homeschool in the Avondale, AZ, area.

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Our free online home-schooling core courses include science, social studies, language, and mathematics, with additional courses in arts, physical education, computer science, and Spanish. These additional courses provide children with a well-rounded education that provides a foundation for lifelong learning.

Caliber Academy is the ideal option if you are looking for an online homeschool for kindergarten through the eighth grade (K-8). To find out more about our virtual homeschool programs, call us today at 623-556-2179.

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