Holiday ShopHoliday ShopHoliday Shop

The Holiday Shop is coming!

Holiday shop hours will be 7:45-9:30am and 2:45-4:45pm.


The grades will have a preview day with their class and then can come back during shop hours on their shopping day to make any purchases. Students will only be allowed to shop on their grade specific shopping day. This will help minimize the amount of students in the store at a time and get them in and out quicker!


Preview days                                                          Shopping days

December 5th: K & 1st grades                              December 6th: K & 1st grades

December 6th: 2nd & 3rd grades                            December 7th: 2nd & 3rd grades

December 7th: 4th & 5th grades                            December 10th: 4th & 5th grades

December 10th: 6th & 7th grades                           December 11th: 6th & 7th grades

December 11th: 8th grade                                       December 12th: 8th grade


On December 13th, the shop will be open to parents to make purchases and will also be open through Wincon.

We are in need of volunteers to help in our holiday shop. If you are available, please use the link to sign up for available times. The link is:  You can also call the office.  If we do not get enough volunteers we will sadly have to cancel the shop this year.