Sharon Dewey

Welcome to Kindergarten at Calibre Academy! I am very excited to meet you and look forward to working with you and your child for a successful year full of learning and growing!

About Me

My inspiration for teaching began when I first had my own two boys. I found that I loved helping them learn and always found it so rewarding when they would get that spark in their eyes as they discovered something new! That was what motivated me and gave me the desire to help other children discover the love of learning. As a result, I pursued my degree in Elementary Education at ASU West where I graduated in 2005.This will be my 12th year teaching, and my third year here at Calibre. I previously worked in Glendale where I taught First Grade.

My Favorite Things:

    • Dogs
    • Dr. Seuss Books
    • The color green
    • Country Music
    • Camping
    • Chocolate

As a teacher, I encourage every student to do their best to meet their full potential. With your help we can work together to have a successful year of high academic achievement, social and emotional growth, and the development of the love of learning!

Thank you for your support and entrusting your child at Calibre Academy!


Mrs. Dewey

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