Betty Gutierrez

Hello, my name is Betty Gutierrez (Mrs. G.). I am the middle school math teacher and have been with Calibre Academy for 9 years. I have a varied academic background attending college in Mexico City, and London through study abroad programs. I earned my bachelors from BYU. My past teaching experience includes 6-8th math, 8th grade Language Arts, 6th self-contained and 4-8th math for Rancho Solano Private Schools. I love, in no particular order, a great sense of humor, water proof mascara, air conditioning, partially cloudy skies, tall green trees, dogs and cats, good books, interior design, cooking, and most of all my amazing husband, son, and daughter.

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Classroom News:

Math Quiz over lessons 1-4 on Wednesday.
Ways to study:
     Self check quiz for every lesson on your Chromebook
     Watch tutorials for every lesson on your Chromebook
     Mid Chapter Check in text book (8th pg. 42, 7th pg. 44)
     Extra Practice pages for each lesson in the text book (Do the odds and 
           check answers in the back of the book)
Quizzes are worth 30% of your final grade and may not be retaken.  The score you get is the score you keep.  Expect 10 – 12 questions.

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