Spirit Days

September 7: College Day

October 5: Sports Day

November 2: Teachers wear white and students wear blue

December 7: Disney Day

December 22: Ethnic Feast – dress from you culture/ethnicity

January 11: Teachers dress like students and students dress like teachers

February 1: Hat and Crazy Socks Day
(Character Counts Color Day – also wear yellow)

March 1: Rainbow Day (wear as many colors as you can)
(Character Counts Color Day – also wear yellow)

April 5: Color War Day

May 3: Duo Day: Pick a friend and come as an infamous pair (peanut butter and jelly, Buzz and Woody, Fred and Wilma)

  •  Hair and face may not be colored or painted. Hats must be taken off in the buildings.
  •  Any items being misused will be taken away.