Spirit Days

September 6: College Day

October 4: Sports Day

November 1: Crazy hair/sock day (this is also a character count day)

December 6: Woke up like this PJ Day

December 21: Global Day – dress from you culture/ethnicity

January 10: Disney Day

February 7: Scrabble Day – Organize a large group of friends to spell out something using letters on your shirts.

March 7: Fandom Day – From Star Wars to One Direction, everyone can obsess together for a day.

April 4: Color War Day (each grade level picks a color)

May 2: Squad Day:  Pick a friend or group of friends and come as an infamous group (peanut butter and jelly, Buzz and Woody, Fred and Wilma, pack of crayons)


  • Hair and face may not be colored or painted. Hats must be taken off in the buildings.
  • Any items being misused will be taken away.