Parent Information

We believe a child’s success comes from intrinsic motivation and drive as well as extrinsic motivating factors. As parents you are called upon to take part in shaping your child’s academic experience by encouraging them to complete assignments, helping them with challenging subjects whenever you can, and teaching them the basics of respect, kindness and diligence. By doing these things, together we can help your child become a lifelong learner and contributing member of society.

We make you this promise: we will strive to make this educational experience the most productive life-changing educational encounter of your child’s life. Your support enables us to succeed. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas on how we can make your child’s, and your own, experiences here at Calibre Academy the best educational experience possible. Please also explore the drop down menus under Parent Information for everything you need to help your children have a Calibre education!

If you are interested in more ways to take part in your child’s academic experience and support Calibre Academy, please read more about our Mustang PTA as well as contact our school office about becoming a volunteer.