With our roots in traditional educational programs, Calibre Academy emphasizes academic achievement, personal responsibility, and efficient study habits for all learners. Through early and on-going assessment and evaluation, educational needs are identified and appropriate instructional placements designed to meet learning styles and learning needs.

Since 2002, Calibre Academy has been a partner in the Surprise education community. As a tuition-free public charter school, we offer full-day kindergarten, athletics, performing arts programs, exceptional student programs, and so much more! Please explore our website and see the difference a Calibre education can make for your child! Calibre Academy a tuition-free public charter school offering grades K-8 in an educational environment that promotes development and growth for the whole child by integrating principals of character development with a challenging academic curriculum. With highly-qualified teachers on staff, we offer smaller class sizes to individualize learning for every student. All-day kindergarten, exceptional learning programs, performing arts programs, and a full athletics program available to all students are just some of the opportunities we offer at Calibre Academy. Additionally, we are proud to offer a tuition based pre-K program to incorporate early childhood education opportunities as well. We encourage you to explore the website to learn more about Calibre Academy.

All students, regardless of their individual backgrounds, talents, abilities, and personal tastes, are encouraged to achieve their personal best at every level. Responsibility for oneself as well as for the community of learners within the school is taught and reinforced daily through learning activities and educational opportunities.

As members of the Arizona Charter Schools Association our school is evaluated for academic, fiscal, and operational compliance annually. We are held accountable for students academic performance and compliance with state laws and management of public funding. We are also a recognized public school receiving a “B” by the Arizona Department of Education.